2 Sep. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

John Howard.

Forget for a moment the gratuitous use of YouTube. Forget all the over-the-top hype about protesters, clearly designed to provoke massive, violent protests. Just look at the arrogant message Howard is sending out:
"I simply ask them to stop for a moment and consider that if they really are worried about issues such as poverty, security and climate change, then they should support APEC, not attack it," he said.
Is he serious, or is that just a red rag to a bull?

Howard has spent the last decade pretending climate change doesn't even exist. He has increased the terrorist threat to Australia, and the world, with his illegal pre-emptive war in Iraq. Meanwhile, he has happily neglected all those living in poverty, in Australia and around the world, and his WorkChoices program will help ensure that only the richest of the rich continue to benefit from his economic policies.

But we should all shut up and trust him on these issues?