10 Sep. 2007

Abbott Expects A Showdown Tomorrow [NOT!]

See youse tomorrow:
Mr Abbott said he would try to convince his colleagues that Mr Howard was the best man for job, but did not rule out a leadership vote at the coalition's party room meeting tomorrow.
LATE UPDATE: My God, what a pack of utter, utter, utter LOSERS!
Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says government MPs have decided to lock in behind John Howard after considering their options.

Mr Downer said it was only natural that the Liberals had gone through a period of introspection about why the government was trailing Labor so badly in the polls.

But he said the decision had been made that Mr Howard was the right person to lead the coalition to the next election.

"Look, inevitably after a bout of bad opinion polls, there was some introspection within the government and that's a reasonable thing," Mr Downer told Sky News.

"We were looking at a whole range of issues and trying to establish why we weren't doing as well as we might hope, at least in terms of the opinion polls.

"After a bit of time we just reaffirmed the view that I've had all along and that is that John Howard is the best person to lead our country, and therefore the best person to lead our party into the election.

"That's how people feel."
They cannot even last 24 hours! They cannot even face the headlights without closing their eyes! They cannot drag the old coot out behind the shed and twist the blade till he is good and dead, because the bastard has too much "energy" for them.

And so the whole damn pack of them will soon be swept from the political landscape in a storm of righteous accountability and furious backlash. Death, when it finally comes, will be a blessed relief.

Just watch Downer's performance on 7:30 report and tell me that that man should NOT be signed up on a Work For The Dole program at Centerlink tomorrow morning!