12 Sep. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Greg Sheridan:
There are many examples of Western electorates becoming tired of a competent incumbent who becomes a symbol of the past, and deciding to move on.

The most telling example is Bush Sr in 1992. He was and is a fine man and he was a good president.
Yeah, don't let the fact that his mobsters tried to kill Reagan put you off. Sheridan's blog is a companion piece to his nonsensical editorial today:
"There is no doubting that the Government's push to protect vulnerable indigenous Australians and the pressure the Government has placed on the states' failing education systems are welcome. There is no questioning that the way it has returned some of the proceeds of a booming economy in reduced income tax rates is welcome.
Oh, yes, we are all so bloody grateful, as the polls show. But that's all the unions' fault:
Thanks to the bureaucratic blather of former workplace relations minister Kevin Andrews, more people believe ACTU propaganda than understand how deregulated workplaces mean more jobs and flexible working conditions.
Yeah, tell that to workers in the retail and hospitality industries who have lost up to 30 per cent of their earnings under WorkChoices.

Talking about the need for "generational change", how old is Sheridan these days? There are going to be a lot of old News Ltd hacks moving out to pasture when Uncle Rupert kicks the bucket.