5 Sep. 2007

Ass-Kicking Or Arse-Kissing?

Here's how George W. Bush evaluates US progress in Iraq:
"We're kicking ass."
Isn't that great? You betcha.

And if you don't think it's great, you suck. Even if you are in the majority, in the USA, Australia, and every other damn country on the planet.

Because it's Bush's way or the highway, dude. With US or against US. Kickin' ass or frickin' Isolationism. Yeah, that's right, you heard me!

If the world keeps telling you to go away, that your power is despised and your culture is wicked, what are you to do? Retreat may be the natural reaction to the irrational anti-Americanism that has long infected the West. Who can forget how European intellectuals danced on the graves at ground zero?
Those are the wise words of Australian "intellectual" Janet Albrechtson, who still gets paid for her regular political commentary in the Murdoch Press even though she holds a taxpayer-funded position on the board of the ABC.
Left-wing US haters aside, disdain towards America now runs much deeper... Are we happy to leave it to Russia or China to guard Western interests when it comes to Iran and North Korea? ... Everywhere one looks, the US is there. Not always perfect. Criticise them for specific failures by all means. But acknowledge the scorecard: the full spectrum of US hegemony, from its brute military muscle to the soft seduction of American ideas, has been an overwhelming force for good.
Ah, yes, Janet! How softly we are seduced! How passionately we yearn to be embraced by that brute military muscle! Bring it on, baby! Whoo hoo!

John Howard once described Janet Albrechtsen as the GG's "best columnist":
"I don't mind when someone attacks me from the right. It keeps me honest."
Mark Latham called her"
"A skanky ho who will die in a ditch to defend the Liberal Party."
Who do you think got it right?

And on that bombshell, let's pause to remember that Latham correctly called Bush "the most incompetent and dangerous president in living memory". Latham also accused Howard of being an "arselicker" of the Bush Administration, and described his 2003 White House visit as "a conga line of suckholes" heading to Washington. Gee, I wonder why the media shot him down...