27 Sep. 2007

Friday Afternoon Meltdown

So here I was reading TPM the other day and the news breaks that El Pais has released details of a pre-war conversation between Bush and Aznar. Josh asks for help getting details published. I quickly drop my work, translate the major parts on my blog, then post some messages to Josh, Atrios and even LP. I go home and do a bit more translating after I've put my kids to sleep, thinking this is a big story that will get lots of attention before I wake up.

But the next day, nothing. Not on my blog, anyway. Details are starting to dribble out in the press and blogs are slow to pick up the story (Bush lied, people died, what's new, right?).

Now here we are a few days later and professional bloggers like Tim Dunlop are picking up the story with comments like: "There isn’t a full formal English translation of the transcript available yet". Aaargh!

Anyway... (deep breath) ...

At least TPM has pushed ahead with the story, and Juan Cole even explains why it could be further grounds for impeachment. But as usual the delusional wingnuts are busy spinning it their own way:
If anything, the transcript proves precisely the opposing point that critics want to make. The conversation shows both Bush and Aznar trying to avoid war as much a possible; that they were concerned of its human toll and that they were quite confident that they would obtain a second resolution. It was the threat that they would act if there wasn’t a second resolution that made them quite confident that there would be one.
*Another deep sigh!*

Like David Swanson says, "As if anyone cares, after all these pieces of evidence..."

I don't mind this blog being ignored, I don't even mind people picking up my stories sometimes and failing to acknowledge the source (all for the greater good, right?). But I don't think there is much point doing this blog if nobody is paying any attention. Like I have said before, there are other ways to make a difference.