30 Sep. 2007

Howard Must Rule Out Australian Military Action In Iran

When I read Darryl Mason's recent suggestion that Howard might be stalling the election until an attack on Iran occurs, I was skeptical. I just can't see how such an event would help Howard's popularity. But what if Howard decides that he simply cannot win re-election? Wouldn't there be a huge temptation to go out all guns blazing? Seymour Hersh says the USA is all set to bomb Iran, and Australia and Israel have already made "expressions of interest".

Brendan Nelson confirmed that he spoke to Defense Secretary Robert Gates a month ago but declined to give more specific details. Under the circumstances, I think Howard should make an emphatic statement that Australia will not be involved in any US action against Iran, as it is clearly illegal, illogical, inflamatory and in no way whatsoever related to Australia's national interests.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall calls it "lethally slapstick militarism of Dick Cheney" and provides this link to Hersh's article.