17 Sep. 2007

Conversation With a Wingnut (Part 2)

Here are some excerpts from a conversation I had way back in Dec 2003 with a US wingnut named Jon Reimer. At the time I was thinking I could convert Bush supporters one by one, using pure logic and reason. The following quotes from Jon are from the archives at Bushout:
i find it hard to believe that the president of the united states can be afraid.

and dont ever compare George to Christ. As a Christian I have a relationship with Christ because he is my savior. he granted me eternal salvation. Bush is simply the president of my country and therefore deserves my allegiance.

Find for me one president that hasnt lied.

now about war and pre-emption. those countries were obvious threats to the us.

the terrorists have started this war, we are simply bringing it to them. saddam was a terrorist supporter, and even if he wasnt that he was a tyrannical despot that deserved a regime change. less iraqis are dying today then when saddam was in power. the iraqi people are better off because of our intervention.

personally i am enlisting in our selective service. and if im drafted (i shouldnt be but anyway) than i will gladly fight for my country, or the liberation of an oppressed people, or to eliminate terrorists. dont mention 'nam, i didnt agree with that.

personally, if i was president, i would have invaded all those middle eastern islamic terrorist-supportin countries. bin laden or saddam has got to be in one. and they all need reconstructed. i say put the entire us army in the area to fix it. but thats not possible becuz of islam.

bush is shootin for a July 04 [2004] pull out date for our troops.

North Korea is ruled by a despot that rivals Saddam. He periodically rounds up the beautiful women in his country, rapes them and then kills them.
Despite all Jon's talk about joining the US military, it seems he stayed home, started a financial services course at uni and is working in a butcher's shop to pay his fees. But his opinions remain steadfastly unchanged.

I just found this Newshour interview, which is almost certainly the same guy:
All teachers should have guns. Think about it. There'd be no more school shootings if every teacher had a gun.
Are we getting anywhere?

UPDATE: It gets better. Newshour gave Jon a gig doing a 2-week email dialogue about the Iraq War.
Andrew, your problem is typical of Democrats. Your entire philosophy is based on the twin assertions that "Bush lied!" and that "there are no WMDs!" You also depend on the mainstream media as the source for your information and base your opinion of the world on what they tell you.

Again, the space in this forum is hardly enough to completely develop this, but I will give you a quick overview of the truth...

If today's media were present during World War II, the outcome would have been very different. To use another example, look at Vietnam and the effect of political influences on our troops. Pressure from home caused withdrawn support and the fight against communism crumbled, causing massive and unnecessary American deaths and prevented what could have been a successful, democratic and free nation.

By citing dollar amounts and casualty numbers, and calling for a timetable of "withdrawal," do we not risk the same terrible outcome for the struggling, fledgling democracy that is underway in Iraq?