5 Sep. 2007

Oh, my!

Joe Hockey is "very pleased" with this:
The agency that applies the Federal Government's workplace fairness test for workers processed only one in 10 employment contracts in its first month of operation.

Since the test came into force in May, the Workplace Authority finalised 12,749 Australian Workplace Agreements, leaving 110,351 to be assessed with nearly 1200 new contracts being lodged daily, according to figures issued yesterday for the authority's first month...

Among the AWAs processed, Ms Bennett said 1070 needed changes made by employers within 14 days because they had failed to adequately compensate employees for the loss of penalty rates and overtime.

Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Jeff Lawrence said the rate of progress was a farce and the recent $37 million advertising campaign for the authority and the fairness test was a monumental waste of money.
How long before their are calls for Hockey to resign, along with Andrews... and Ruddock... and Downer... and Howard...???