12 Sep. 2007

The Bradman Analogy

Joe Hockey calls Howard the Don Bradman of politics:
"If you've got a Don Bradman in the team and you're going on an Ashes tour to England you don't readily give up your Don Bradman," Mr Hockey said on ABC radio today.
But you probably wouldn't select Bradman for an Ashes tour at the age of 68. And let's not forget that famous last innings duck:
He took his guard shortly before 6pm, Bradman needed only four more runs to boast an incredible three-figure career average as he safely negotiated Eric Hollies's first-ball leg break. As England would no doubt have been contemplating how to tackle Bradman's occupation of the crease the following day, the next was a perfect googly. It pitched on off-stump and hit middle, leaving Bradman to walk back to the pavilion with his bat under his arm having faced two balls.

The 30,000 crowd were stunned and gasps of amazement were reported around the ground, such was the shock of what had just happened.
Bradman was only 39 when he retired. He was a quiet, self-effacing man who found the adulation surrounding him "embarrassing".