27 Sep. 2007

Two Wankers Of The Day

Yup, two nominees sharing the prize today, both Howard cabinet members.

First up is Tony Abbott, who is desperately blaming the NSW government, the Royal North Shore hospital staff, and anyone else within cooee for the disastrous state of our nation's hospitals:
"My oath I'm blaming the state Labor government. They have let people down, comprehensively."
Never mind that these problems (which ultimately come down to a lack of beds, and a lack of doctors, due to a lack of funding) are common in every state. We all know how Abbott would explain that, don't we? Remind me again, who is the Federal Minister For Health? Where does the buck stop? Anyone?

Meanwhile, I hope Fairfax charged the Liberals to run Joe Hockey's Op-ed in SMH today, because it is really nothing more than another dose of government election advertising.

Our nation has become spiritually and ethically impoverished due largely to Howard's 11-year focus on business-dominated financial growth. Now Hockey complains that there needs to be a balance?! WorkChoices deprives ordinary workers of basic rights, but Hockey wants us to feel the employers' pain?! WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!