12 Sep. 2007

"Team" Rodent: I Smell A Rattus

There is something distinctly fishy about this whole Costello thing. Perusing the latest Liberal Party offerings, I cannot help wondering if we have not all been sold an extravagantly customised election re-branding.
Health Minister Tony Abbott said Mr Howard and Mr Costello were a formidable team with years of experience.

"What you'll get in the future is the same kind of values and the same kind of policies that you've had in the past," Mr Abbott told ABC radio.

"A Costello government will not be dramatically different from a Howard government because Peter Costello has been in the engine room as the heart of the Howard government ever since 1996.

"Having seen John Howard and Peter Costello working together closely for a lot of years, they are very much peas from the same pod."
It sounds a lot like the crap I got in the mail from Origin Energy when they took over from Energex as SE QLD's #1 electrcity supplier: we are the same thing really, but somehow so much better just because of a change of name. I suspect the same corporate PR mindset is at work here.

I not-unrelated news, the International Monetary Fund has praised Australia's economic management. This is surely the ultimate accolade for Howard's pro-Big Business accolyte. But for all those who think the IMF is a respectable broker in this game, a warning:
In 1978, one year after Jamaica first entered a borrowing relationship with the IMF, the Jamaican dollar was still worth more on the open exchange than the US dollar; by 1995, when Jamaica terminated that relationship, the Jamaican dollar had eroded to less than 2 cents US.
You and I, dear reader, are nothing more than income-producing fodder for the people who run the IMF, and these are the same people who have given us George W. Bush, the Iraq War, and a decade of Howard.