30 Sep. 2007

Demand A Royal Commission Into Downer's DFAT Criminals

I hope the 7:30 Report or Four Corners takes a good long look at this story.
A significant part of Commissioner Deegan's findings was dedicated to DrHyndes' evidence and his reliability as a witness.

A three-day cross-examination of DrHyndes during the hearing in May revealed the department had stripped him of full security clearance in 1997 over his involvement, while on unpaid leave, with a Thai finance company embroiled in bribery allegations, and he resented being overlooked for promotions.

During his time with the Thai company, more than $46million passed through Dr Hyndes' bank account before it vanished.

He told the commission he distributed the millions according to instructions from his then-boss, Australian entrepreneur Tim Gatland, who went missing in 1996 and is presumed murdered.

The money was never recovered.
This guy is still serving as an Australian diplomat. He only got his security clearance back by threatening to "leak sensitive information about the 1999 suicide of intelligence agent Merv Jenkins and material that could damage the Australia-Thailand relationship."

Then there's the question of why DFAT wanted to punish Trent Smith in the first place.

And where is Alexander Downer in all this? Same as during the AWB scandal - busy hiding under a desk, desperately trying to come up with some new lies.

This is a real can of worms. Royal Commission, anyone?