30 Sep. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Murdoch man Glenn Milne refers to Paul Keating's "Sun King-like presence" as he talks up Howard's appalling record on The Arts:
Much of the arts community's anti-Coalition political positioning is simply a cypher for other things: children overboard, the Iraq war, indigenous intervention, climate change. If artistic truth really does matter in the upcoming election, the sector deserves better than to be reduced in the hands of people such as Keating to yet another manifestation of Howard hating, albeit dressed in the finery of Lorenzo de Medici.
The article is basically just a rehash of a speech by the contemptible George Brandis, Howard's Arts Minister, who famously labelled the PM a "lying rodent" and then threatened to sue anyone who reported it. Brandis is part of an ambitious little clique within the Howard government, and Milne is just tying his colors to their mast.