30 Sep. 2007

The War On Aborigines: Look Like You Care, John

Former Queenslander of the Year Dr Chris Sarra challenges the PM:
"We are not hopeless, pitiable, despicable and evil people. If the Prime Minister is so intent on shining the light on all of the evil ones in the disastrous circumstance relating to the wellbeing of our children, then he should look in the mirror and ask himself why he ignored this crisis for all of his time in government.

"He should not be surprised when many are sceptical and suspicious that his actions are not truly motivated by love for Aboriginal children, but rather some cheap election stunt or some unscrupulous land grab.

"I challenge the Prime Minister to attend to this, which is a concern for all Australians, in a way that is beyond politics, but indulgent in what is right.

"I challenge him to approach an Aboriginal child on his next visit to a remote community, and rather than stand stiff like a scared statue thinking he is going to catch a disease, or (his) watch is going to be stolen, but to hold that child close so that he feels their heart beating close to his, then look into their brown eyes and say, 'You and your family are my family; I can see you need help and we are going to help your family and your community to fix things here and make it right for you'."
Bear in mind, it could be a problem that goes beyond Aboriginal kids. Maybe Howard has no real compassion for any kids whatsoever. Years of campaigning seems to have worn down the fake smile...

Of course, he can still get up a smile for the really important issues:

Has anyone got a pic of him lurking on the post-match dressing room of the Melbourne Victory yesterday? I saw him trolling around in the background on TV... and now he is throwing $10 million more of my money at a Rugby League Hall of Fame. Maybe we should all just go out, get drunk, and party on until the election is over?