10 Sep. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Gerard Henderson got one thing right:
Australia - where the threat of terrorism is a (taxpayer-subsidised) joke.
The Chaser's response to terrorism is actually a whole lot more reasonable, and ultimately more effective, than the government's (taxpayer-subsidised) fearmongering.

H/T Darryl Mason:
The real reason for Gerard's seething disgust at The Chaser team becomes obvious two-thirds of the way down his column. Turns out Gerard Henderson himself has been 'punked' by these "taxpayer subsidised" comedians :
...the troupe had unlawfully gatecrashed a booked-out Sydney Institute function (Gerard Henderson's Sydney Institute) and trespassed on private property. I was subsequently informed in writing...that such stunts were approved by the ABC and to expect more of the same.

No one can trespass on ABC property in, say, Sydney or Perth. But the ABC management reckons it's OK for The Chaser to trespass on the property of others.
Heartbreaking stuff.