9 Sep. 2007

Downer The Power-Broker: Really???

Scary stuff. Alexander Downer is emerging (in the media, at least) as the Lib's pivotal king-maker:
There has been a flurry of phone calls and conversations. Alexander Downer has been hearing the views of worried colleagues and acting as a conduit to the boss.
There was to be more than small talk at Downer's birthday drinks scheduled to be held in Adelaide last night.
In fact, Downer cancelled his dinner with the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to make time for these "birthday drinks". Didn't he realise it was his birthday till after lunchtime? I can't help wondering if John Howard was invited!

I find this rather disturbing, given what a brazen idiot Downer clearly is. I see Downer as a puppet of very powerful people in the US military-industrial complex. The fact that he has remained Australia's Foreign Minister for the full 11 years of the Howard government, despite an unending string of embarrassing slip-ups, shows just how compliant and willing to please he is.

But to think that he now wields such a position of power within the Liberal Party is rather disturbing. It suggests that the entire Liberal Party is now in the hands of foreign powers and business brokers.