3 Sep. 2007

Why Is This Man Still Smiling?

Don't forget the 1978 Hilton Hotel garbage bin bomb. In that case it was a Regional Heads of Government Meeting. The top suspect, Tim Anderson, was eventually acquitted after many long years of protesting his innocence. ASIO was heavily implicated. Questions remain unanswered.

Would they do it again? You betcha!

UPDATE: Oh my! More form:

HOLES have emerged in the evidence Australian intelligence agencies have relied on to paint former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib as a national security threat.

Authorities have used phone calls made by a US terrorist to Mr Habib's Sydney home in 1993 to bolster their case against him.

But The Australian has learned the terrorist could not have made the calls, which phone records reveal were made after he was arrested over the 1993 bomb attack on New York's World Trade Centre.