1 Oct. 2007

All Hail Howard's (Strictly Non-Religious) Christmas McSanta Thanksgiving Extravaganza

The headline is enough to make you wonder if lazy journos are stealing ideas from blogs again: Santa Claus coming to town courtesy of [insert sponsor here].
The Prime Minister, John Howard, has pledged $1 million towards the inaugural Sydney Christmas Parade, in which corporate sponsors will pay at least $30,000 to enter a float.

"Santa is sponsored but I can't say who by, yet," said the event's executive director, Anthony Mead. "Santa's float has the name of the sponsor on it but it's not ugly. It's very tasteful."

... Mr Mead said the $5 million parade is a commercial venture aimed at turning a profit but would offer charities the opportunity to raise funds on the day.

The $1 million federal grant will allow multicultural and community groups to participate in the parade, he said. The parade is planned for November 25.
That's two days after US Thanksgiving. The NSW State Labor government is quite rightly having nothing to do with these obscene nonsense.