4 Oct. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Given that people (including my own father) have been dying as a direct result of inadequate hospital care, including a lack of beds, new technology and skilled staff, you would think that Tony Abbot might hang his head in shame at the latest figures showing a significant drop (Labor says 10%) in the Federal Government's share of spending on hospitals since Howard came to power:
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) study says the Commonwealth's share fell from 45 to 41 per cent while the state and territories' contribution rose to 51 per cent.

The report also indicates there has been a slowing of the growth in overall health expenditure, with the amount of money spent rising just over 3 per cent in the 2005-2006 financial year.
So how does Abbott spin this damning evidence of criminal negligence?
Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott says the report shows the Commonwealth spends almost twice as much on health as the states and territories combined.

He says past federal budgets show the Government's increased spending on health.
WWWAAAAHHH! At least we are not as bad as those naughty states, according to our own rubbery figures in Costello's big budget book of bent statistics. But wait a minute, the study says the Commonwealth's share is now 41 per cent while the state and territories' contribution pay 51 per cent. So Abbott's claim doesn't even sound like it's true (I'm too sick today to hunt down the full details).

Coming from the FEDERAL MINISTER FOR HEALTH, this is simply criminal obfuscation. The buck stops where, Tony???