23 Oct. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Whichever Murdoch monkey wrote this crap in the GG's editorial today:
The al-Qa'ida convert wanted to destroy Western justice... a predictably hypocritical response from the Hicks cheer squad... However flawed Hicks's detention and trial were, there is no doubt that he fared better than Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl... It is time for Hicks's cheer squad to face up to his ugly crimes and recognise that enough public money has been spent on delivering justice to a man who was dedicated to violently overthrowing our system of justice.
Justice? Even Hicks' former prosecutor agrees that the "justice" meted out to Hicks was a total farce:
Speaking to The Australian, former chief prosecutor Colonel Morris Davis said he was subject to continuing high-level political interference in his handling of the Hicks case.

"In my opinion, as things stand right now, I think it's a disgrace to call it a military commission - it's a political commission," he said.