2 Oct. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

The extremely butch Janet Albrechtson calls Kevin Rudd a "princess" and a "girly-boy", even as she insists there is no anti-Rudd smear campaign:
Allegations of smear campaigns are just code for the fact that, four times in a row, the Government has taken on the Opposition, testing its mettle and its policies, and each time voters have opted for the Coalition.

The Government is again doing what it ought to be doing. Now that Rudd is on the receiving end, theLabor [sic] girly-boy is waving the redcard [sic].
So it's not a smear campaign if you win, apparently, because that proves you were right all along.

JA also takes on the MSM:
It’s a sad indictment of the mainstream media that the most effective take-down of Rudd so far came from the funny boys from The Chaser.
Who'd have figured Ms Janet as a fan? But then her thinking has always been rather muddled.
This is not a genteel game of polo where sporting chaps retire for Pimm’s on the veranda. It’s called politics...

None of this means politics is open slather. Civility still applies. And, by and large, both sides abide by civil rules of political engagement.

But as for Rudd crying foul over the Howard Government’s fear campaign, let me offer Rudd the same advice I gave Latham three years ago. Dry your eyes, princess.
So civility still applies, but it's OK to call people insulting names. What is this disgusting person doing on the Board of MY ABC, not to mention the Foreign Affairs Council!?

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