31 Oct. 2007

It's NOT About The Kids

Why do the Liberals keep harrassing Gold Coast schools?
Pacific Pines High School principal Bob Copeland nervously allowed the Liberal candidate for Fadden, Stuart Robert, on site yesterday...

Ms Bishop said when she got to Pacific Pines she was told by the school principal he had no prior knowledge of the visit.

While the principal was 'rather flustered' by the unexpected visit, he eventually let Ms Bishop and her entourage into the school grounds...

At Southport State High School about 30 minutes after the Pacific Pines visit, Moncrieff Liberal MP Steve Ciobo faced a similarly nervous school management...
It's not that long ago that Malcolm Turnbull and Steve Ciobo were causing similar problems:
"I'm here for the kids, I'm here to talk to the kids." - Malcolm Turnbull, yesterday.
Last I knew, kids under the age of eighteen did not have the right to vote. So why are our local politicians harrassing these kids and distracting their teachers from their work?

Bastards. Wankers. Etc.