2 Sep. 2007

The Logic Of Radicals

If Bush wants an excuse to order the bombing of Iran in the next 48 hours, Ahmadinejad just gave it to him. Never mind that his boast of '3,000 atomic centrifuges' is a hoax. Violent rhetoric suits Ahmadinejad's political agenda just as much as Bush's.

Much more info on a likely attack here.

There is indeed a War Criminal In The Living Room:
US Navy aircraft carrier strike forces are deployed off Iran.

US Air Force jets and missile systems are deployed in bases in countries bordering or near to Iran.

US B-2 stealth bombers have been refitted to carry 30,000 pound “bunker buster” bombs.

The US government is financing terrorist and separatist groups within Iran.

US Special Forces teams are conducting terrorist operations inside Iran.

US war doctrine has been altered to permit first strike nuclear attack on Iran and other non-nuclear countries.

Bush’s war threats against Iran have intensified during the course of this year. The American people are being fed a repeat of the lies used to justify naked aggression against Iraq...
Is anyone going to ask Howard about this?