2 Sep. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Karl Rove always insisted that the best form of defence is attack. You take your greatest weakness and turn it against your opponent, no matter how nonsensical it may seem. So here's how a violence-loving, anti-democratic, totalitarian, fascist fan of Rove describes anti-APEC demonstrations:
It is a bitter fruit of the anti-democratic, totalitarian, fascist, street-fighting qualities of modern demonstrators that, for international delegates, it can be easier to have a free discussion in Beijing than Sydney.
Two words: Tianenmen Square.

Obviously Greg Sheridan is thinking about the Murdoch model of "free discussion in Beijing", whereby you first grease the palm of all and sundry in the Politburo. Then they let you screw their peasants.

Teh Oz's top political dawg insists all Australians should be proud of APEC:
APEC is wholly a good thing.

The demonstrators trying to wreck it are nuts.
Wow, deep analysis, Greg!

As if to prove that he is not a partisan hack, Sheridan even praises Hawke and Keating for seeting APEC up all those years ago, when we were all so miffed at being excluded from ASEAN meetings. But that's hardly the point today, is it? APEC today represents a whole host of non-representative governments pushing ahead with a globalized business agenda which is not in the best interest of their citizens.

I am not sure how many protesters will turn out, but I hope there will be many thousands making their voices heard. Peacefully, of course.

In other news, Bush is planning a three-day air blitz on Iran. He is supposed to arrive in Sydney for APEC on Tuesday. Let's see if he makes his flight.