2 Sep. 2007

John Howard: Completely Wrong About Everything

Howard says Bush is "an intelligent, likeable man":
"You form a view of somebody and their character and I tend to stick with them. It may not always enjoy total support, but I do it in a way that doesn't damage the interest of my country."
Oh, really???? So despite all the evidence that it has made Australia a more dangerous place to live, you still stand by your decision to support Bush's ill-advised, illegal, pre-emptive invasion of Iraq?
"I believe we were right to go into Iraq, I think we'd be very wrong to pull out now. What would happen if the Americans pulled out now, the place would just descend into total chaos, the terrorists would have a huge victory and that would be a major setback for our cause. So that's why I'm persevering with our policies."
Our cause. Our policies. Our APEC summit. Our government.

YOUR leader.