17 May 2007

The War On Blogs Goes Global

First it was China, then a massive, Russian-government-backed attack on Estonian blogs. Now Fiji 's phone company has blocked access to anti-government blogs:
The Fiji army's Land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti, earlier this week signalled the government would get tough on bloggers, and said he had a list of 20 people who would be arrested in connection to the blogs.

A number of weblogs critical of the military since Commander Frank Bainimarama swept to power in a coup d'etat last year appear to have switched servers in readiness for the crackdown.

Last week Fiji information technology specialist Ulaiasi Taoi claimed he was kept overnight at a military camp where he was punched and kicked by soldiers who alleged he was involved in anti-military blogs.
This follows a recent decision by the US military to basically stop all soldiers' blogs and block soldiers' access to websites like YouTube and MySpace.