17 May 2007

Voter Choice 2007: Same Versus More Of The Same? Please God NO!

I have spent the last four years of my life blogging against Bush. But in the 2004 US elections, I found it extremely difficult to muster support for his Democrat opponent, John F. Kerry. The problem was that Kerry was just far too more-of-the-same when it came to financing the military industrial complex, and other major issues. He couldn't even bring himself to oppose the Iraq War, for God's sake! Surely that will be remembered as one of the most stupid mistakes in US political history.

And so we come to Australia in 2007, and Kevin Rudd. Here he is, dancing between the forces of Howard's conservative machine, the climate-change-guru Greens, and the blood-hungry far-left union movement. I can understand how difficult that might be. But I will never, ever, endorse, or vote for, anyone who reflexively kow-tows to global Big Business interests.

Therefore I say unto ye, rejoice, be happy and give it up for Bilegrip:
Why on earth did Kevin Rudd, who has met the Dalai Lama before, deem it necessary to try and wriggle out of a meeting now? Because, like John Howard, he wants to continue Australia's subservience to foreign powers: Bush's Umeruhca, Indonesia, and now China?

Whatever the pragmatic reason is, it reeks of dishonourable politics. Kevin Rudd is swiftly becoming just another "lesser of two evils". What a shame.
Exactly right.

For God's sake, Kev, how do you think we got into this predicament? Why do you think Australians are screaming out for change? Wake up, man. We don't support you because of your silly little pixie grin, we support you because you promise relief from the relentless pro-business agenda of the Howard years.

Deliver us from evil. Puh-lease.