11 May 2007

Support Antiwar.com!

It is very sad that such an excellent site - I truly believe it is the single best Web site on the Net - has to beg for funds to keep going. But that's where we are at:
Make no mistake: we will shut down if contributions continue to come in at the present pathetic rate. Our small staff will have to be laid off, and we won't be able to run the Web site you've come to depend on for the real story behind Washington's war plans. Antiwar.com will cease to exist: it's just that simple – unless you step up to the plate.

Instead of sending more money to the U.S. government to spend on warplanes and weapons of mass destruction, wouldn't you rather send your tax-deductible donation to Antiwar.com?

Antiwar.com is facing extinction. Our last and only alternative is to turn to you, our readers. Over the years you've come through for us when the till was nearly empty – and now we're counting on you to do it, once again, and bail us out of an untenable situation.

That last italicized word is key to understanding our predicament: we may survive a week or so if we fail to make our goal of $70,000. But not much beyond that. We're down to the wire, and that's the truth. Believe us, we wouldn't make this kind of desperate appeal if our continued survival weren't at stake.
Go on - Support Antiwar.com!!! If you cannot make a financial contribution, at least spread the word. These guys are right there in the front line for a better world. Help them out in any way you can.