22 May 2007

Murdoch Redux

Here's a link to that original New York Post article charging Rupert with pandering to Chinese business interests:
* "In Fall 2001, I was ordered to kill a Page Six story about a Chinese diplomat and a strip club that would have angered the Communist regime and endangered [News Corp. Chairman Rupert] Murdoch's broadcasting privileges."

* "During the same period Murdoch cancelled the publication of a book from News Corp.-owned imprint HarperCollins by former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten that was critical of the Beijing regime. Murdoch ordered HarperCollins to publish a stunningly awful hagiography of Communist Party boss Deng Xiaoping, authored by his daughter Deng Rong, for a $1 million advance."

* "The favor banking system also extended to Murdoch's son Lachlan Murdoch, former publisher of the New York Post. After actor Russell Crowe purchased a house in Australia from Lachlan, Page Six was ordered to kill unflattering stories about him. Lachlan also extended this protection to famous friends like Nicole Kidman."
There is now speculation that Lachlan Murdoch will inherit the US News Corp empire:
If Rupert Murdoch wins his bid to acquire the Wall Street Journal, it is expected that he will offer his son Lachlan the job of running News Corp's vastly expanded American operation.

That is the prediction of the New York Times, which has been taking a "new look" at the Murdoch family...
Or could this be just more PR nonsense to make Murdoch's WSJ bid slightly less unpalatable?

The good news:
Whatever happens in the next few months, the whole family is planning a get-together in Australia two years from now to celebrate the 100th birthday of Murdoch's mother, Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.
Oh, joy! Let's hope she doesn't die and spoil the party.