16 May 2007

On Behalf Of All Caring Australians: "Thanks, Mate!"

David Hicks is heading home, and thus Major Mori's work is done:
Major Mori said he believed Hicks would be transported to Australia on a private plane.

"All I have been told is that he will be home before the 29th (of May) and that's all I'm at liberty to say," he said.

Major Mori said he was excited to be returning to his role of marine lawyer.

"I suspect I'll go back to a typical marine-type posting somewhere," he said.

"I'll find out this week and I look forward to being able to have some more time to spend with my family."
Enjoy the next phase of your life, Major Mori - and on behalf of all Australians who actually care about the values others debase for their own profit, thanks for everything!