10 May 2007

Terrrrsts Attack Fort Dix! ... NOT!

What's happening around the world today is that a lot of passionate but not-very-clever, marginalized people are becoming increasingly outraged by the hypocritical stance of their own governments, which is all too plain for every thinking person to see. That is the reason why we are currently losing our own self-declared "war" on terrorism: our governments are hypocritical liars and pawns of the global corporate world.

Some of these outraged individuals will become terrorists, some will just become terrorist wannabes:
I certainly hope the FBI and CIA have their ears and eyes on the look out for the next terror plotters. But the real jokers they actually bust turn out to be such hopeless goofs that it's hard to know whether to feel reassured that if Islamic terrorism is catching on in the US that it's only doing so among the deeply stupid or that these are the only ones our guys can catch.

The Fort Dix Six?

Well, seems they made a jihad training film featuring themselves. But they couldn't figure out how to burn it to a DVD. So they went to a Circuit City and asked the clerk on duty if he could do it for them.


I guess that means these guys probably needed remedial terrorist training.

There also seems to be more than a hint of entrapment in the role the government informant played in helping arrange the planned attack.
Why is it that our governments only seem capable of uncovering plots by the wannabes? You tell me!