14 May 2007

Oz Public Demands Ritual Sacrifice!!!

Hey Libs! Want a 4-point bounce in the polls?Just follow Tony Blair's lead!

Seriously, given that Costello's vote-buying budget has actually moved public opinion in the opposite direction, how long can it be before this spineless Liberal cabinet starts picking out a new leader?

Of course, given the polls, it remains a poisoned chalice, so why not wait till after the election (right, Malcolm?). And the only member of the Conga Line with any hope of differentiating himself from the Howard Decade is Barnaby "The Maverick" Joyce. So what to do, what to do???

Maybe the Libs should resurrect the spirit of Andrew Sharp Peacock? Yae, verily I tell ye, 'tis time to draw the long knives and skewer the snivelling litte bastard between the shoulderblades!!!

Oh. But then again, as Howard himself pleaded today:
"How could you abandon a little baby?"