2 May 2007

John Pilger's New Movie: "The War on Democracy"

'The War on Democracy' will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 15th June, after a special preview in London on Friday 11th May. The film will be released in Australia in September 2007 (just in time for the election, I would think).

For more info visit: www.johnpilger.com or www.warondemocracy.net

ICH has an interesting interview with Pilger, whose once-ostracised views on war and government lies certainly seem more popularly accepted these days:
I happened to watch George Bush’s second inauguration address in which he pledged to “bring democracy to the world.” He mentioned the words “democracy” and “liberty” twenty one times. It was a very important speech because, unlike the purple prose of previous presidents (Ronald Reagan excluded), he left no doubt that he was stripping noble concepts like “democracy” and “liberty” of their true meaning – government, for, by and of the people.

I wanted to make a film that illuminated this disguised truth -- that the United States has long waged a war on democracy behind a facade of propaganda designed to contort the intellect and morality of Americans and the rest of us. For many of your readers, this is known. However, for others in the West, the propaganda that has masked Washington’s ambitions has been entrenched, with its roots in the incessant celebration of World War Two, the “good war”, then “victory” in the cold war. For these people, the “goodness” of US power represents “us”. Thanks to Bush and his cabal, and to Blair, the scales have fallen from millions of eyes. I would like “The War on Democracy” to contribute something to this awakening.