8 May 2007

Condi Rice: From Child Prodigy To Dumb Bitch

You can't make this shit up. The arrogant neocon fools who refused to sign up to the International Criminal Court now want... an international criminal court!
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asked Lebanon on Tuesday to support the establishment of an international criminal tribunal to try those suspected of killing former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
But wait, the story gets even better in paragraph two:
In the front-page editorial in the leading Arabic-language newspaper An-Nahar, Rice warned that the United Nations would act on its own if the Lebanese parliament failed to endorse setting up such a court.
Ooh, yes! The UN will act! The UN, who weapons inspectors the USA kicked out of Iraq with the imminent threat of falling bombs! The UN, whom the Bush regime has routinely criticized as hopelessly incompetent, corrupt, and effectually incompetent, will ACT! "On it's own", no less!

Does this mean the new UN Secretary General has already sold out to Washington? Or is John Bolton arming himself to the teeth, writing a letter to his family, posting a youtube video to CNN, and preparing a single-handed Rambo-style takeover of UN HQ?

Stay tooned...!