9 May 2007

Howard Wants Federal Control Of Unis

This is appalling:
Ms Bishop said she would write to state education ministers asking them to refer regulatory powers over university financial administration, reporting and auditing.

If they refused, she raised the possibility of assuming control of universities through the Commonwealth's constitutional power over corporations.
Does Howard really think he can seize control of Australia's universities without provoking massive protests around the nation? What planet does he live on these days?

Or is he just trying to deliberately provoke the States and student unions just so he can put on a pre-election show for the TV cameras?

Anyone who wants Australia to be just like Singapore, please put your hands up now.

UPDATE: The cynicism of this political move beggars belief. Rudd is due to deliver his Budget reply tonight, and Howard is trying to steal the show. Julie Bishop says it's not political. Yeah, right.