23 May 2007

Tim Dunlop Has Crossed To The Dark Side

This post confirms it. He even slams the Fairfax media for daring to directly quote the damning Amnesty report.

Dunlop's anti-Amnesty line is perfectly in synch with fellow News Ltd hack Andrew Bolt. Quelle surprise!? I wonder what Rupert's talking points were this morning?

Given the abundance of queries about the neocons' involvement in pre-planning 9/11, I cannot help wondering if it was really a coincidence that so many bloggers like Tim (and e.g. Jeff Jarvis) rapidly came to prominence on 9/11???

"Inside the tent"? My ****ing ****!

UPDATE: Just to explain myself a bit to the Club Troppo readers, it is standard wingnut tactics to attack critics rather than defend the indefensible. So it is that esteemed bodies like the UN and Amnesty regularly come under attack for saying what people like Bush and Howard don't want to hear.

I have posted the full text of Amnesty's comments about Australia below on this blog, so you can decide for yourself if they really merit such criticism. Personally I think all their comments are fully justified: Howard DOES use fear to his political advantage. Anyone who gets angry about their PM being compared to Mugabe should take a closer look at the David Hicks case, and what our soldiers are doing right now in Iraq. I would have compared Howard and Bush to Bin Laden as well, if I had been writing the report.