8 May 2007

The Farce Of "Sovereign" Government In Iraq: Endgame Looms

From CNN:
Iraq's top Sunni official has set a deadline of next week for pulling his entire bloc out of the government -- a potentially devastating blow to reconciliation efforts within Iraq. He also said he turned down an offer by President Bush to visit Washington until he can count more fully on U.S. help.

Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi made his comments in an interview with CNN. He said if key amendments to the Iraq Constitution are not made by May 15, he will step down and pull his 44 Sunni politicians out of the 275-member Iraqi parliament.

"If the constitution is not subject to major changes, definitely, I will tell my constituency frankly that I have made the mistake of my life when I put my endorsement to that national accord," he said.
How much are you gonna put in his bank account, George?

And in an interesting counterpoint, it seems the USA is letting the Shiite Mahdi Army help maintain security in Baghdad. Really. The US military say they are using al Sadr's militia to protect a holy shrine against Al Quaeda. Moqtada would no doubt say his forces are protecting it from US-backed sabotage. Which do YOU think is closer to the truth?
During a recent intelligence briefing at a U.S. outpost in Kazimiyah, an Iraqi colonel shouted his objections to a U.S. report that Iraqi soldiers were helping Shiites move into Sunni homes in one neighborhood.

Even so, Miska said, "right now we just don't have a better alternative."
Hey, here's an alternative: PISS OFF HOME!