20 May 2007

Hicks Is Free To Talk... AFTER The Election!

The chances that the next election will be held before December 31st just took a huge leap forward:
As the convicted Taliban fighter faced his first night in Adelaide's Yatala prison last night, the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, indicated the Government would not enforce the one-year gag order imposed by the US as part of the deal that freed him. Hicks, Mr Ruddock said, would be free to tell his story after his release on December 31- just not to profit from it.

"While there were conditions imposed as part of the plea bargain, they were matters between him and the United States; they don't involve us," Mr Ruddock said. "I don't believe there is a basis upon which if he breached those conditions, that is, if he told aspects of his experience, we would be delivering him up because of that."