13 Mar. 2008

Getting Some Action

ABC's Lateline program last night reported on Aussie truckers who target Aboriginal girls as young as 8 years old for sex in return for cash, booze and drugs.

It's disturbing to read the large number of online comments expressing sympathy with the "desperate" and "exploited" truckies, blaming the parents, the police, and even the girls themselves. For example:
Its a simple fact that pretty much any man will at some time in there lives, happily pay a days wages for an hours sex.
Or this:
Basically, some young women, presumably all of legal age, appeared on a TV program and made some totally unsubstantiated claims about eight year old girls and truckies and it's all immediately accepted as 'gospel' truth.

Well folks, here's some 'news' for you - young women are apt to make up stories to get attention, and the so-called 'media' - including the ABC - are only too happy to pander to them...
Is Australia (still) a racist backwater? In South Africa today, girls as young as seven play games simulating rape and violent robbery. The country's Human Rights Commission says schools are the "single most common" sites for such crimes, and teachers are frequently involved. At least S.A. has the excuse of years of apartheid-related violence and entrenched poverty: in our nation's case, it's just pure apathy.

UPDATE: The Australian Trucking Association is shocked - shocked! - at the allegations.