24 Mar. 2008

David Hicks' Gag Order Ends This Weekend

But he's still not sure he wants to talk. Well, what would YOU do? As soon as Hicks opens his mouth, certain sections of the media (and possibly the AFP) will come down on him like a ton of bricks. Since Howard has already been dumped, what's the incentive to talk?

If it's just money, he might be better off letting his lawyers do the talking. There's gotta be a big government compo claim waiting for him somewhere. Out of court, of course.

Or maybe he might want to talk to a US audience in the lead-up to the next election? Maybe he might want to speak up for those still being held without trail in Gitmo and elsewhere?

But if he's not up to it, or if he feels that the demons in his closet will prejudice his advocacy, that's certainly understandable.