31 Mar. 2008

April Fool?

Hmmn. Seems like Andrew Bolt is quitting his Herald Sun Blog and maybe taking over as the Liberal candidate for Peter Costello's seat (he would still have to win a by-election, of course). But if Costello is really quitting, he hasn't told Rupert's boys:
FORMER agriculture minister Peter McGauran is expected to quit parliament within a week or two to take up a top position in Australia's multi-billion-dollar bloodstock industry.

But Peter Costello is expected to delay his departure for several months, denying Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson his preferred "Super Saturday" of synchronised by-elections.

Whispers that Mr Costello's departure might be imminent circulated yesterday when it became known he would address his local electorate council in Melbourne on Thursday. But while Mr Costello will give his analysis of the party's federal defeat at the meeting, he is not expected to announce his resignation.
Was it Jeremy's threat to expand his Bolt Watch blog that tipped the scales?

Personally, I'm thinking of running for General Secretary of the UN. But I'll wait till my friend Ban Ki-moon makes the announcement before I undermine him! Whoops - I just did!

UPDATE: Is this a concerted effort by Rupert's boys and 0.07 to push Cossie out?

UPDATE 2: Bolt announces it's his idea of a funny joke.