26 Mar. 2008

Howard's Hoes Are Still Putting Out

But Miranda Devine is reduced to taking pot-shots at indigenous museum directors.

And Planet Janet is clearly on the juice, cheering from the sidelines as unpopular UK PM Gordon Brown succumbs to media-generated anti-immigrant hysteria. P.J. thinks it's the first sign of a wholesale Western return to Ye Olde Howardian values (I mean, it's been - what? - four months now):
Old ideas that should have never been discarded are being revisited. Although the Brown Government is pitching this as a "vision of British citizenship for the 21st century", it is, in reality, an old one. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's vision of British citizenship as one "founded on a unifying idea of rights matched with responsibilities" marks a long overdue turning point in Western thinking, a return to more sensible times where basic Western values were asserted with confidence.
Today the UK Immigration Department, tomorrow the world! You will note that PJ's comments section has not been enabled this time around.