31 Mar. 2008

Howard's Spawn

Meet the new vanguard:
The black posters started cropping up on university campuses early this month. A gagged, wide-eyed youth stares out from the top corner. "Record biased lecturers," the posters scream. "Scan biased textbooks. Report incidents of bias. Education. Not Indoctrination."

It sounds like something from George Orwell's 1984.

But these latest attempts to keep alive the culture wars are the work of Australia's Young Liberal movement...
Actually, this book-burning can work both ways.

I've noticed my local libraries are getting more and more rightwing claptrap, like a DVD called "The Faith Of George W. Bush", or books by Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn et al. I borrowed a book about raising children and it had a list of recommended US preachers who could help your sons stop turning gay, provided you got early intervention.

Was it wrong of me to scratch the DVD, and rip out the offending pages? :-)