31 Mar. 2008

Compare And Contrast

Rudd meets Obama:
Senator Obama called Mr Rudd this afternoon for an extended discussion but was not able to attend a face-to-face meeting because he was campaigning in Pennsylvania.
Rudd meets Clinton:
KEVIN Rudd and Hillary Clinton hit it off so famously at their meeting in Washington that the former first lady, and candidate fighting to win the Democratic nomination for presidency, fell behind in her crucial campaign for the last ballots in Pennsylvania.

What was meant to be a quick ''meet and greet'' as the potential US president paid her respects to the Australian Prime Minister turned into a 40-minute discussion that had to be broken up by Senator Clinton's aides...

Anxious aides eventually manoeuvred Senator Clinton out of the meeting room and, after a long photograph and farewell session, her cavalcade departed, well behind time for the airport and her resumption of the campaign for Democrat nomination.
To me this says a lot about the candidates' priorities and their attitudes to politics. Clinton would rather mingle with the powerful than get down in the trenches, which explains why she is putting her hopes in the Democrat Party elites.