19 Mar. 2008

One Million Dead: Downer Achieves Parity

Lord Clowner is still busy blaming the USA, the Iraqis and Al Quaeda for everything his government did wrong in Iraq. And his body count of Saddam's victims continues to climb at an astronomical rate:
"In Iraq it is very hard to estimate, but between half a million and a million people had been killed by Saddam Hussein," he said.

Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people, launched the war with Iran and invaded Kuwait.

"Would it have been better just to have walked on the other side of the road and done nothing about it?" he said.
Is he now including the victims of the Iran-Iraq war as people "murdered" by Saddam? In case he dis-remembers, we were on "the other side of the road" back then, helping the USA support Saddam.

Of course Downer knows all that perfectly well. He is just muddying the waters, spreading a new fantasy meme for the chickenhawks to throw back at their critics whenever a new scientific study shows a million Iraqis have died since the invasion.

We need a Royal Commission into our former government's role in the Iraq War and we need it now.