19 Mar. 2008

Rudd's Honeymoon Just Ended

"Everything was going so nice. I booted Little Johnny out the door and changed the lock, then made the bed nice and comfy for Cuddly Kev. But yesterday I came home and found him in bed with a Chinese whore!"
- Sheila, an authentic voice of the Oz electorate.
When you start getting headlines like this - Rudd gives no thought to observers in Tibet - you know the media is back in the groove. Rudd can blame China for the loss of his soft and fluffy image: a Mandarin-speaking PM sounds great until the Chinese start killing Tibetan protestors, people start calling for a Beijing Olympics boycott, and everyone suddenly wants to know about Rudd's close personal friendship with Chinese lobbyists.

Ahhh...! It feels good to be able to hate the government again. LOL!

UPDATE: OMFG! Even the MSM bloggers are saying nasty things about China!

For more news on Tibet, or if you wanna get actively involved, check out the Australia Tibet Council.