27 Mar. 2008

Murdoch's McFear Machine

Ever more disgraceful journamilism from the Murdoch stable:
FOR the second time this month, nuclear-armed submarines from China and India have toyed with an Australian navy frigate, keeping it in their gunsights and "sinking" it regularly as it made its way up the NSW coast.

At the same time, Indonesia has sought to embarrass Australia's undersized and outdated air force by flying its new generation strike bombers along our northern borders in a display of muscular brinkmanship.
Sounds terrible, doesn't it? Why isn't this on the front page?!

Because it is completely hypothetical bullshit, as the next para reveals:
Hard to believe? Not according to a frightening new defence report that warns that such fictional scenarios could easily become reality long before 2050.
UPDATE: Nice to make Troppo's Missing Link page again, although I wouldn't have expected this post to get much attention. For more of this week's Murdoch madness you can read this or this. Or see the Wendy Deng Watchers Club for longer anti-Murdoch rants.

NB: I'm trying to get Jeremy Sears to take over the Murdoch monitoring work, but with limited success so far...