25 Mar. 2008

Who Will Wipe This Stain From Our Nation's Soul?

”The colonial invasion of Iraq and the ugliest of lies of the lie machine that propagated and justified these barbarous acts will forever remain among the greatest and unpardonable crimes against humanity.”
Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero of Spain, 20 May 2005.
Ghali Hassan examines Five Years Of War Crimes, and Australia figures prominently:
Western leaders would not be able to commit war crimes on such scale and get away with it were it not for the apathy and equanimity of their people. One assumes they share responsibility. After all, George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard were re-elected while their armies were engaged in an illegal and murderous war against Iraqi people.
It's not enough that we have removed Howard, we need to make reparations: we need to acknowledge our involvement in this War Crime, we need to hold those responsible accountable (Royal Commission now please, Kev) and then we need to compensate the Iraqi people.