27 Mar. 2008

Carla Bruni: A New Political Phenomenon?

OK, I didn't really get it till I read this report:
Ah, Carla. She entered, cool, calm and poised, as if nude pictures in the tabloids hadn't greeted her arrival on our shores. (Why do I suspect Sarko doesn't care?) She sat at the back of the stage and her audience seemed transfixed. Crusty old codgers who spend their lives steeped in policy documents smiled for the first time in years.
So then I went googling for some pics...

Now do you get it? What's really interesting is how Carla has captivated the UK press, more or less lubricating the propaganda passage for her husband's political goals. I can't help wondering if this could be the start of a whole new fad for globe-traveling politicians?

NEXT UP: Vladimir Putin's fling with a hot 24-year-old gymnast!

NB: There are a few other more risqué pix around on the net, but I am not sure they are really Carla Bruni. The face never looks quite right.