30 Mar. 2008

Violence Fails (Again) In Iraq

So all that violence in Basra has resolved nothing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, check out this photo from Informed Comment (Courtesy AFP via al-Hayat). It shows Iraqi policemen surrendering to Al Sadr's Mehdi Army in Baghdad.

So Cheney pushed al-Maliki to confront al Sadr, even though al-Maliki's top general said they needed a few more months to prepare the assault. Iraqi police started defecting to al Sadr's side as soon as the fighting started. And all for what? Al Sadr looks stronger now, and al-Maliki's days as PM must now be numbered. We are one day closer to a complete US withdrawal.

Both al Sadr and Iran are now calling for an end to the fighting, on the basis that ANY violence can be used by the USA as a pretext for staying in Iraq.